FINANCE | March 26th 2021


New home insurance company is helping American families save hundreds of dollars

Founded in 2016, it only has presence in some states but quickly expanding.  This company specializes in high-risk zones like California and Florida not only offering savings ($500 on average) but sometimes better coverage too.  

Do you live in a High-Risk zone and can't get an Affordable Home Insurance?

According to Zillow1, the typical homeowners insurance annual premium costs $420 per $100,000 of home value. But, if you live in areas with prone to natural disasters or property crime, you’ll likely be paying more. A LOT more. 

In 2019, we saw 18 named Atlantic Ocean storms, 50,477 wildfires, and a bomb cyclone that hit the United States. The cost of natural disasters in 2019: $150 billion dollars.

This new game changing company says embracing the challenges of operating in disaster-prone areas throughout the Golden State, which has dealt with a rash of wildfires in recent years, is core and key to its mission as an insurer.  

How can this company offer lower rates? One Word: TECHNOLOGY

This company is part of a new breed of insurers that has no physical offices. Doing it that way helps keep overhead low so they can pass the savings along to you.  Full digital transformation has allowed them to have an edge in this highly competitive insurance market and still provide the same coverages. Everything is done ONLINE which is great under current COVID-19 situation.  Many homeowners have yet to hear of this company.

Do you want to see how much you could save? We recommend you to check out their site. 

You just need to enter your address for an instant quote. 

How does all of this work? Can it everything really be ONLINE?

YES. Being a tech-focused insurance company, one of its biggest strengths is its online quoting platform.  You simply go to their website and enter your address. Their system will pull public record data points to generate a quote for you in minutes. Included in the data deep-dive are things like real estate listings, building records and even satellite and drone photography of your home. All of that means you don’t have to struggle to remember what kind of shingles or siding you have on your home.

Put simply, it eliminates the need to spend an hour or so filling out a form online or talking to an insurance agent over the phone.

If they can’t immediately pull together a quote when you enter your street address, you’re just asked to enter a few additional fields to get the quote process going.


Still feel the need to talk to someone? No problem. If needed this company also has personable agents, which can be reached by email, online chat or phone.

UNIQUE coverage policy that differences it from other market players

One point that makes this company unique is that all of its policies provide replacement cost coverage as opposed to actual cash value. This means that if you have to file a claim, you’ll be reimbursed for the total cost of your loss with no deduction for depreciation, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Can I trust them?

We researched the company and here are some stats you can look at:
  • Financial strenght Rated A “Exceptional” rating by the independent rating agency Demotech.2
  • Trust Pilot reviews rates them 4.8 stars out of 1,387 reviews 3
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) indicates that this company did not receive complaints in 2019.4
  • Rated as one of The 10 most innovative finance companies of 20205
  • $7.3MM Paid out in claims

And that's not all..Check out some of this company's discounts for more SAVING.

  • Home security discounts (think security and fire alarms)
  • Wind mitigation discounts (the more wind-proof your home, the better)
  • Secured community discounts (if your community entrance has a guard, you’re in luck!)
  • Water detection discounts (because no one wants a flooded basement)
  • Responsible Repair Discount (because you should be rewarded for not handing over your claims benefits)
  • Claims-free discount (good job on keeping your home safe!)
  • Electronic policy (save some paper and save some green)

See what customers have to say...

Is it really this good? No...there is one drawback.

As this company is new to the market it only has presence in some states.  You can find out if yours apply just by entering your address in their site.

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  • 5 is an independent service that is supported by advertising. This is a paid promotion.